Are you interested in being part of empowering students in your local community to create sustainable and greater futures? People for Progress Foundation (PFPF) is looking for a volunteer to join our team to create and sustain the Canadian Program, aimed at empowering less-fortunate students in the Calgary area. PFPF’s work in Kenya and Tanzania includes running an early education school for young children, as well as sponsoring students to attend boarding schools. The goal of these programs is to help students gain access to quality education, which will lead to more job opportunities in their future. Aside from schooling, the sponsored students’ families are looked after by PFPF – we visit their homes to determine what is needed most in each household to help meet those needs. The Canadian Program has been running for two years, and has consisted of sponsoring promising high-school students to attend educational enhancement programs, encouraging them to use their learning in pursuit of sustainable international development, and to engage in the empowering work of PFPF. This role requires creativity and flexibility. Experience with fundraising is an asset but is by no means required. Please contact us and we’d love to discuss some of your ideas and work together to create change in our community.