Canadian Scholarship Program



The Challenge:

The transition from high school to a post-secondary institution can be one of the most challenging periods in a student's life.  The journey into adulthood is often accompanied by a number of expenses such as paying for tuition, books, rent, groceries and other necessities.  With the average full-time Canadian student paying $16,600 per year to cover all the expenses associated with post-secondary schooling, this transition is particularly challenging for students of low-income families.  As a result, students of low-income families often delay or abandon their post-secondary education due to the high costs associated with attending a post-secondary institution full-time.

The Response

Here at People for Progress Foundations Canadian Scholarship Program we recognize the importance of providing financial support to promising students of low-income families who may not have access to traditional scholarships.  Traditional scholarships are heavily based on academic merit and/or community involvement but often overlook specific circumstances, challenges or barriers an applicant has eperienced or is experiencing.  To address this issue, our scholarship program uses a holistic approach to evaluate scholarship applications in their entirety including, but not limited to: academic performance; supplementary essays; and financial need, challenges, and barriers.  We encourage applicants to share the experiences that have defined them as an individual and reflect their attitude toward higher education.
To this end, the aim of the scholarship program to sponsor promising students in financial need who wish to enroll in a post-secondary institution.  Our actions further reinforce our commitment and belief of empowering student and communities through access to education.