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Nu-Life Carpet Care
New Urban Registries
Switch/Bloc Condo Development
Gabriel Simpson
Alexander Laurie Simpson
Erica Manson
Linda Goddard
Bernadette Curry
Arthur Clark
Philip Poon
Paul Collier
Ron Bennett
Marilou Fairhall
Pat and Benita Nickle
St. Peter’s Anglican Church
Cardel Theatre
Calgary Hitmen
Phillip Poon
Bow Bottom Vet Hospital
Keg Steakhouse
Richard Cunnington
Calaway Park
Bernadette Curry
Rosebud Theatre
Mike Shaikh

Beth Marchand
Vivien and Man Chiu Poon
Marika and Paul Sali
Gail and Ted D’amico
Mariah Blanchard
Clinque at the Bay
Brenda Davidson
Pizza 73
Calgary Flames
Debbie Williams
Miranda Carr
Ron Bennett
Kelsey Beck
Vicky Shields
Henry Elson
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Chez Ziane
Penny Humphrey
Mary Ann Stushnoff
Woodridge Ford Lincoln
UofC Dinos Athletics
Lucy Dunne
Nigel Carr
Handiman at Your Service