Raven Education Centre

The Challenge

Faced with little hope of escaping the poverty and violence in the impoverished high-density Dandora community of Nairobi an uneducated child may turn to gang activity as a source of survival or become subject to sexual exploitation. Many of these children won’t reach adulthood.

Our Response

At Raven Education Centre each day begins with a health and hygiene program ensuring sanitation and providing education toward health maintenance. The day continues with a comprehensive time table including language, social studies, mathematics, science, music and movement.
Originally founded in January 2011, Raven Education Centre moved into a permanent facility in the Dandora Phase IV community of Nairobi, Kenya in early 2013. A joint team of tradesmen and workers from the Dandora community and international volunteers worked together to upgrade the building resulting in a fully functional school with 3 large brightly lit classrooms, a kitchen, security centre, flush squat toilet, functional sink and sanitation area. We developed a teachers' resource centre, library, safe food storage area, a school supplies room and an office which provides space and privacy for parent and community meetings.
As well as furnishing an education to the children and employment for the staff, Raven Education Centre contributes to the economic and community well-being of Dandora by being a sustainable presence, by purchasing food and supplies from local entrepeneurs and by interacting with the other children and residents of the community. Over these three years we have seen the community become a more secure and cleaner environment and we have witnessed increased business development, improved property maintenance and a more uplifting, vibrant feel in the entire area.
Thanks to our sponsors and contributors Raven Education Centre provides quality education to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school and adds life and vibrancy to the Dandora community.